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Dietitian Cassie is a Registered Dietitian, international bestselling author and highly sought-after speaker and media personality. Virtually every media outlet—including CBS, WCCO, FOX News, CNN, TIME, Parade, Cosmopolitan, Self and The Huffington Post—has covered Cassie’s quest to debunk the lies and spread the truth about the food we eat.

Cassie is in high demand to appear on TV and speak at corporate and community events or meetings. She is not your stereotypical dietitian. Cassie combines research findings, real life stories and humor to provide actionable tips so that your audience leaves feeling inspired and ready for change. Because, let’s face it, we could all benefit from some changes to our fast-paced, nutritionally-deprived lifestyles.

Cassie provides valuable insight on nutrition and health in a fun, exciting way. Attendees come thinking they’re going to learn about nutrition and leave with practical ways to increase their energy level, focus better at work, be in control of their moods and cravings which impacts their relationships with co-workers, family, and really, all aspects of life. Frequent feedback is that Cassie jam-packs so much into her sessions that everyone walks away with more soundbites than they imagined! Our groups tell us their audiences talk about key points from Cassie’s program for weeks after.

Cassie has worked with corporations and groups (large and small.) She has brought her programs to General Mills, Dairy Queen World Headquarters, Buffalo Wild Wings Corporate, Twin Cities Public Television, PreferredOne, Farmer’s Insurance, Informa, Universities, Non-Profits, fitness groups and churches.

Dietitian Cassie’s signature talks focus on the principles of her #1 internationally bestselling book, Why Am I Still Fat? The Hidden Keys to Unlocking That Stubborn Weight Loss.

Cassie did an amazing job as our Keynote speaker. She illustrated the how’s and whys of making healthy lifestyle changes. She provided scientific evidence to support the tips she provided for enhanced energy, metabolism, and focus. Cassie did all of that in a way that truly engaged our audience and provided clarity on a subject that is laden with myths and half-truths. We left feeling inspired and empowered, having actual strategies that were easy to implement! We would recommend Cassie to anyone looking for a fantastic, evidence-based speaker!

- Jodee Schaben, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Here at DQ we have a very diverse workforce that is spread across the US and Canada. Cassie’s personality and her expertise spoke to everyone in different ways. People relate to her and her knowledge because she has a way of simplifying something that we all do every day – eating. With all of the fad diets and new ways of looking at food, Cassie provided such a refreshing perspective. Seriously, it was mind blowing. Her materials were easy to understand and implement in your lifestyle.

- Megan Weizel (Wellness Program Leader – International Dairy Queen)

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Professional Bio

Widely known as Dietitian Cassie by fans and followers, Cassie is the celebrity Registered, Licensed Dietitian, founder and CEO of the wellness company, Healthy Simple Life®, and #1 International Best Selling Author. Dietitian Cassie has built a following of loyal fans by helping people get to the root causes of their health issues—especially ones that healthcare practitioners often overlook. From major corporate speaking events and personal client coaching to her regular column, "Real Talk with Dietitian Cassie" in Paleo Magazine, Cassie reveals the transformational power of real food and evidence-based nutrition to help people find freedom from diets and chronic health conditions.

Virtually every major media outlet—including CBS, ABC, WCCO, FOX News, CNN, TIME, Parade, Cosmopolitan, SELF, SHAPE, Women’s Health, Men's Fitness and The Huffington Post—has covered Cassie’s quest to debunk the lies and spread the truth about the food we eat.

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"Dietitian Cassie was the keynote speaker for our inaugural Probiotics Marketplace event. She was a pleasure to work with behind the scenes and on site her presentation was completely on target. She delivered content that was appropriate for the attendees and participated in the moderated Q&A panel discussion to drive further interaction. Dietitian Cassie was a perfect fit for this event and her professionalism and upbeat nature contributed to the success we enjoyed.”

- Heather Granato (Vice President, Health & Nutrition Network, Global Exhibitions)

What People Are Saying

“Within just a couple days of starting Cassie's coaching program, I had more energy than I ever had and just 2 weeks in I dropped 6 pounds! For the first time in my adult life I’ve dropped a pants size!"

Jean B. from Minnesota

"I lost 70 pounds in a healthy, comfortable way with the Healthy Simple Life coaching program. Since adopting this way of eating, I no longer feel deprived and instead, have been given freedom and I cannot be more thankful for that!"

Jill P. from Michigan