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Eat Green and Clean for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day by eating cleaner, greener, plant-based foods and incorporating strategies that are better for our environment.

Five easy ways to be greener:

1) Eat greener and cleaner. Focus on increasing your consumption of green foods, such as leafy greens, fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet and add in some Dynamic Fruits and Greens to get an extra punch of veggies and fruits.

2) Eat local. Grow your own food (you pick up a tomato kit for around 10 bucks) or support your local farmer’s market. You’ll eat fewer chemicals and it’s better for the environment because it reduces fuel for transporting. Check Local Harvest to find organic food grown near you.

3) Choose foods with minimal packaging and/or buy in bulk. This saves money and waste. Just be sure to portion out foods that come in large bags so you’re not tempted to eat until the bag is gone.

4) Buy a water filtration system and drink your tap water instead of purchasing bottled waters. Bottled waters are expensive and require a lot of plastic and transport. Tap water is cheap, readily available and already safe to drink—but if it eases your mind to have a filtration system, it’s better for the environment and more cost effective in the long run.

5) Bring your own travel mug to the coffee shop. If all coffee drinkers did this from time to time, we’d be sparing a lot of paper cups. As an incentive, many coffeehouses offer a discount to anyone who brings their own. In honor of Earth Day, if you bring your own travel mug into a  various coffee shops, they’ll fill it with their gourmet coffee for free.

Happy Earth Day!

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