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3 Foods to Ditch and 3 Foods To Embrace

So you’re off to a great start and utilizing the tips you learned from my “5 Foods to Skip this Year” post, but are there still a few foods you know you should kick out of your pantry, but you don’t know how you could possibly get by without them? Then you should check out this ...

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Fast Food Breakfasts (TV Segment)

I was kidnapped and taken to the drive-thru for breakfast! When Twin Cities Live television contacted me regarding a segment on fast food breakfasts, I knew I was going to be totally out of her element in the drive thru lane. Steve Patterson, co-host of TCL, takes me hostage in a segment they call “The Dude and the Dietitian” and puts me on ...

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Buzz Word Terms: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Antioxidants!

Check out my TV segment on some of the buzz word terms in the world of nutrition, including gluten free, dairy free and antioxidants. What do you think? Read More

Are Organic Foods Worth It?

Check out my TV segment for the scoop on what it means to be organic and which foods are most important to buy organic! Keep in mind that the term organic can be reassuring, but it can also be misleading because there’s plenty of organic junk food out there. When in doubt stick with real food, ...

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Sugar Comparison in Breakfasts

Have you seen the documentary, Fed Up? It’s getting a lot of mainstream attention… and for a good reason! The film sheds light on how much sugar Americans are actually consuming, and the detrimental affects it is having on the population. Are you starting your day with a sugar rush? Do you realize how much sugar is hiding in ...

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Top 3 Best and Worst Alcoholic Drinks (TV segment)

On Twin Cities Live I cleared up the confusion between the best and worst drink choices for your waistline and blood sugar levels. Remember, blood sugar regulation is key to weight management, keeping inflammation down, sugar cravings at bay, and headaches away! 🙂 You can read more on alcohol in my blog post, What About Alcohol? Now, ...

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Top 5 Heart Healthy Foods TV Segment

Heart health is one of the most confusing topics in the nutrition realm and it’s one close to my heart since my own father had a scare and underwent a double bypass surgery a few years ago. For years, many doctors and dietitians preached the “eat less fat, less cholesterol and more whole grains” message for heart health. ...

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Healthy Eating Panel on Channel 5

It’s only the end of January and according to, half of the people who made the resolution to eat healthy and lose weight have already given up…! I was asked to be part of a healthy eating panel on Twin Cities Live to offer suggestions for where to start when it come to getting healthy, ...

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5 Foods to Heal Your Body

On New Year’s Day I was on air with my top five foods to HEAL your body from the inside out. The reality is, this time of year there’s a lot of advertising for detox programs, pills and potions with empty promises of weight loss. But when all is said and done, MANY times these instant fads ...

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Live Segment from the State Fair

Many go to the state fair to splurge but I still think it’s possible to eat somewhat balanced while eating fair food! I didn’t think anyone would be too excited to see me go on air talking about fresh fruit at the state fair (although there are many delicious fresh fruit options! Those Colorado peaches and the ...

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