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5 Tips for Holiday Sugar Cravings!

’Tis the time of year when we’re bombarded with sweets and sugary treats EVERYWHERE. Work parties, family gatherings, everywhere we look. Christmas cookies, candies and junk will be thrown in our faces. It’s socially acceptable to stuff our faces and binge on everything under the sun because “everyone’s doing it.” Over the last month I’ve been ...

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My 4 Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

Over the past few weeks I’ve been traveling abroad in London, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Canada…whew! There’s nothing like coming home to my intelliBed and my kitchen. While it’s been a blast, you may be familiar with some of the all too familiar stresses of traveling: the hustle and bustle, being in a new environment, jet lag, time changes ...

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6 Healthy Holiday Rituals

If the holidays seem to catch you off guard every year (how do they do that!?), I’ve got six stellar tips that’ll get your mind and body ready to handle them like a champ! Get excited and confident about feeling the best you ever have after a holiday season. My 6 Healthy Holiday Rituals that’ll help ...

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Dietitian Cassie’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

If you struggle with finding the perfect gift for those difficult people on your list, or if you put off shopping ‘til last minute then impulse-buy the first things you see (no one really needs a pair of tacky holiday socks…unless they’re those ones with eggs and bacon that Target has…I digress), then I’ve got you ...

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5 Reasons Why People With Diabetes Need to Eat Fat

In our personal coaching program we work with hundreds of clients who have diabetes and, time and time again, we see their need for blood sugar reducing medications (like insulin and Metformin) decrease when they eat more fat. A common misconception when you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is you’re doomed to forever be “a ...

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Low Carb Cruise Recap [2015]

The goal of this post is to provide you with a recap on the 2015 Low Carb Cruise—what it is, what I ate and answer the questions I’ve been asked since my return! What’s the Low Carb Cruise? It’s an annual trip on a ship that brings the real food/low carb community together to learn (seminars all ...

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Eating Balanced at Chipotle

One of the biggest obstacles to healthy eating is that life is too busy. Hectic schedules, overwhelming work responsibilities, family life, busy kids, too many extracurriculars, a month’s worth of piled up laundry, the hungry dog, the sassy cat, the needy mother-in-law, the dreaded gym (if you’re lucky) and—packing a lunch? Ha! In your dreams. At least ...

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Pumpkin Mousse (PFC Balanced!)

With our “Snow Day” today in Minnesota, I figured, what better day than today to take the Magic Bullet out of the box (the one I got as a birthday gift 2 months ago…)!? I decided to break it in with a festive pumpkin mousse snack! Okay, that’s a lie—I intended for it to be a ...

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Fast Food Breakfasts (TV Segment)

I was kidnapped and taken to the drive-thru for breakfast! When Twin Cities Live television contacted me regarding a segment on fast food breakfasts, I knew I was going to be totally out of her element in the drive thru lane. Steve Patterson, co-host of TCL, takes me hostage in a segment they call “The Dude and the Dietitian” and puts me on ...

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Simplify Your PFC Life With These Kitchen Gadgets

Ever wonder which kitchen tools are worth getting? You know, the ones that will actually make your life easier instead of collecting dust (ahem—bread maker, cookie press, juicer, rice cooker…)? In this post, we share our top three favorite kitchen appliances that will simplify your PFC eating and living. Check it out! Read More