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Coffee Real Talk

Did daylight savings hit you extra hard this spring? It did me. I’m not sure why, but it seems like this year, more clients are talking about feeling sluggish after turning their clocks ahead than in years past, so I know I’m not alone! Inevitably, the conversation usually turns towards one of my favorite pastimes: drinking ...

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But Our Ancestors Didn’t Take Supplements!

 “Our ancestors didn’t take supplements, so why should I?” It’s true! Our ancestors didn’t take supplements, so it’s totally valid to question why you should today. The reality is that our ancestors’ environment was much different than what we experience today. We aren’t out hunting and gathering our food under the sun. Instead, we’re inundated with incredible ...

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The Scary Scoop on Supplements

Is supplement regulation a joke? Do you realize you might be taking supplements that contain a potentially dangerous mix of cheap fillers and mystery ingredients? This is what happens when regulation laws aren’t in place. A recent study by the New York State attorney general’s office revealed that 4 out of 5 supplements on the shelves of ...

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6 Healthy Holiday Rituals

If the holidays seem to catch you off guard every year (how do they do that!?), I’ve got six stellar tips that’ll get your mind and body ready to handle them like a champ! Get excited and confident about feeling the best you ever have after a holiday season. My 6 Healthy Holiday Rituals that’ll help ...

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Dietitian Cassie’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

If you struggle with finding the perfect gift for those difficult people on your list, or if you put off shopping ‘til last minute then impulse-buy the first things you see (no one really needs a pair of tacky holiday socks…unless they’re those ones with eggs and bacon that Target has…I digress), then I’ve got you ...

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Cassie’s Personal Battle with Sugar Addiction: How You Too Can Overcome It!

My wakeup moment was the night I ate the entire container of my roommate’s frosted sugar cookies. I thought I’d sneak just one…or two, and before I knew it, all twelve were gone. It’s the kind of embarrassment you never forget…when I had to shamefully fess up to her. I didn’t feel like this was me, and ...

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Stress SUCKS

I said it. Stress super duper sucks. It affects digestion, depletes our body of nutrients, reduces immune function and affects our mood. It alters our ability to think clearly because it interferes with the production of our feel-good brain chemicals (serotonin and dopamine) which are made in our gut. Stress sets the stage for inflammation which ...

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How To Talk To Your Doctor About Your Nutrition Program

So you’ve ditched the restrictive low-fat, low-calorie diets, embraced healthy fats like butter and coconut oil, and adapted a fresh, real food approach to fueling your body. As a result you’ve shed pounds without feeling deprived, your energy levels have soared, and your cravings have been suppressed. But… you still feel slightly uncomfortable about telling your ...

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What About Cheat Days? (5 Considerations)

Oh cheat days. We all want ‘em. They satisfy our inner rebel. They make us feel alive. They’re also familiar and comforting, as including them may have been the only way to survive restrictive diets in the past. You know I want to give you the best answer to your questions, and it kills me to ...

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Live in the Moment

What does “live in the moment” mean to you? When someone tells you to “live in the moment,” do you consider this advice to be a reckless excuse to make regrettable decisions or to be the initiative you need to take the often overlooked time to enjoy the little things in life? Maybe it’s more about ...

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