Top 3 Best and Worst Alcoholic Drinks (TV segment)

TCL Alcohol Slider 2

On Twin Cities Live I cleared up the confusion between the best and worst drink choices for your waistline and blood sugar levels. Remember, blood sugar regulation is key to weight management, keeping inflammation down, sugar cravings at bay, and headaches away! :) You can read more on alcohol in my blog post, What About Alcohol?

What About Alcohol?


One of the most common questions I get is about alcohol. Is it acceptable when following PFC guidelines? How does alcohol fit into this lifestyle? Should I drink it if I’m trying to lose weight? What should I drink when I drink? Do YOU drink? Before we go any further into this topic, I want… Read more »

Resolution Check-In!


How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you remember what they were? :) We’re already a quarter of the way through the New Year and most of us have already completely fallen off the resolution wagon. The good news? It’s never too late to hop back on! Why wait until next January… Read more »

Don’t be FOOLED (2014 edition)

don't be fooled_feature

In honor of April Fools Day my goal was, as usual, to “unfool” you by debunking common nutrition myths. I decided to compile the info right here for your reference. Here’s the recap of my 2014 “Don’t be FOOLED” series: Don’t be FOOLED: Most coffee creamers are loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners and TRANS FATS. Yuck!… Read more »

Spring Cleaning (Nutrition Style)


It’s easy to get stuck in a rut during the winter because of the low vitamin D levels, chilly temps, lack of sunlight, and relatively limited availability of fresh, seasonable produce. But now that the sun is shining and spring veggies are coming into season, it’s time break away from the slow-cooked wintery stews we’ve been… Read more »

Hanger Management (why you get hangry and what to do about it)


What is Hanger? We’ve all been there before. You feel so hungry that you’re angry at the world for not having food. You want ALL THE FOOD and feel like you will actually starve and waste away if you don’t get your hands on some grub right this second. You KNOW what hanger is. What… Read more »

Real Food Shamrock Shake

TCL Shamrock Shake

We all know Shamrock Shakes aren’t healthy for us. I really don’t think anyone gets one thinking they are. And maybe we can even agree that they are somewhat addicting. At least for me, they certainly used to be. In my post, What’s in a Shamrock Shake? I confessed that I used to sneak into McDonald’s… Read more »

PFC Balanced Eating Part 3B: FAQ


You had so many excellent questions after PFC Balanced Eating: Parts 1 and 2 that I split PFC Balanced Eating Part 3 into 2 parts: Part 3A FAQ and now I bring to you, Part 3B FAQ! Are protein powders real food? Yes and no. While I don’t consider protein powder to be “real food,” I think it can… Read more »

PFC Balanced Eating Part 3A: FAQ


You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers! Here’s a list of 10 of the most prevalent questions you asked me after PFC Balanced Eating: Parts 1 and 2. Stay tuned for another set of 10 frequently asked questions in Part 3B next week. Is PFC a low carbohydrate diet? Not necessarily. Eating balanced PFC leaves plenty… Read more »

Top 5 Heart Healthy Foods TV Segment

TCL 2-13

Heart health is one of the most confusing topics in the nutrition realm and it’s one close to my heart since my own father underwent a double bypass surgery a few years ago. For years, many doctors and dietitians preached the “eat less fat, less cholesterol and more whole grains” message for heart health. Coincidentally, ever since, the… Read more »

PFC Balanced Eating Part 2: The Components

PFC categories

Now that you know the foundation of the PFC balanced way of eating from What is PFC?, you’re probably wondering… what do I eat!? P (Protein): Because protein has the ability to increase metabolism, it’s important to eat it throughout the day to keep energy levels up. Protein is also an important precursor for creating neurotransmitters (brain chemicals). If… Read more »

PFC Balanced Eating Part 1: What is PFC?

PFC categories

Whether you’ve been following me for a day or a year, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve coined the acronym PFC to refer to the way I believe most of us should be eating. I want to make sure that all my followers have a clear understanding of what PFC means, how following my simple PFC… Read more »

Healthy Eating Panel on Channel 5

Healthy Eating Panel

It’s only the end of January and according to, half of the people who made the resolution to eat healthy and lose weight have already given up. I was asked to be part of a healthy eating panel on Twin Cities Live to offer suggestions for where to start when it come to getting… Read more »

No More Marathons… For Now.

Last Marathon Slider5

Over the past three years I’ve trained for and completed four marathons. I was first drawn to the sport because of my love for running and my eagerness to push myself farther than I had ever been before. Running a marathon seemed like a great opportunity to push my endurance to the max and prove… Read more »

5 Foods to Heal Your Body


On New Year’s Day I was on air with my top five foods to HEAL your body from the inside out. The reality is, this time of year there’s a lot of advertising for detox programs, pills and potions with empty promises of weight loss. But when all is said and done, MANY times these instant… Read more »

Detox with Real Food

Clean Eating

So it’s January and you’re ready for a fresh start. You went more than a little overboard during the holiday season and like the New Year, the word “detox” brings thoughts and images of fresh, clean and healthy to mind. The question is: Which detox program is right for you? Which one will help your… Read more »

Bulletproof Plan for Achieving Your 2014 Resolutions

New year 2014 2

I have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s Resolutions. I love the idea of a fresh start and setting new goals. Regardless of how much we failed to diligently stick to our plans last year, the New Year brings new opportunities, a chance for change and the hope of maybe, just maybe reaching the goals… Read more »

Conquering the Holidays

Christmas Candy Corn

“We all know we’re going to overindulge over the holidays!” Sound familiar? Have you heard it from those who are supposed to be supporting you in your new healthy lifestyle choices? Or maybe it’s something you’ve comforted yourself with as Thanksgiving and Christmas eek closer and closer, tempting you with stuffing, mashed potatoes and a… Read more »

Simple Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup

On Halloween I had my heart set on making pumpkin soup with what I had on hand but as I browsed through several recipes I couldn’t find one with the ingredients I wanted to use. So I whipped up my own concoction and will humbly say this is the best pumpkin soup I’ve ever tasted… Read more »

Open-mindedness For the Win

Skydiving Epic

As you may know from my blog posts, I have learned to be extremely open-minded. Times are a’changin. Things we once thought were bad for us (butter) are incredibly good for us. What we thought were causes of heart disease (cholesterol and saturated fat) are actually the very things that PREVENT it. What we once thought saved us from heart disease… Read more »

Top 5 Foods on a Budget!

Twin Cities Live (TCL)

A common question I get is “Is it possible to eat healthy on a budget?” I bring you good news: YES, eating healthful on a budget IS doable and it’s not that hard. My goal with this was to give you some ideas for keeping it real (REAL food), keeping it SIMPLE (real food and… Read more »

Harvest Your Health [Through Jan 6th!]

HYH Slider 4

If you know me then you know I’m continuously seeking credible health and nutrition resources for my friends, family, clients and followers. With that said, I couldn’t be MORE excited for the release of The Harvest Your Health Bundle — a plethora of amazing health and nutrition resources (71 e-books, 4 meal plans and 3… Read more »

Nutrition for Running

Grandmas marathon 2012

Nutrition will make or break your training and your race. Many of my clients who are runners came to me with the dilemma that their performance is great, but they know they could be better if they ate right. It’s crucial to be both well trained AND well fueled for maximum performance. Some sports dietitians may… Read more »

Cholesterol Clarity

cholesterol clarity

Are you confused about cholesterol? Has your doctor advised you to go on a statin? Do you wish someone could just sit down with you and go over your cholesterol lab results? Well, breaking down confusing information and interpreting lab results is something I do in coaching sessions with clients. However, due to time constraints I… Read more »



I’m back again with more information regarding how the calorie counting system is just not accurate. If you didn’t read my article entitled “I HATE CALORIES: Part 1” I would highly recommend it. Basically what we covered thus far are the main reasons why this theory is flawed; it overlooks our bodies complexity by demonizing… Read more »



Let me start by saying, I love the ENERGY I get from calories. That being said, although I have always been a math whiz, I hate counting things. But most of all, I HATE counting calories. This is because I hate the flawed concept that your weight is a matter of balancing calories in and calories… Read more »

Blood sugar regulation, cholesterol and inflammation: Blogtalkradio Part 1 of 2

I had a lot of fun talking about and dissecting all sorts of nutritional concepts with Freda from Defying Age with Food on Blogtalkradio. On the first part of our two part discussion we discuss blood sugar regulation, carbohydrates, fat, cholesterol, inflammation and more! Click here to listen. Tune in live on September 23rd for the… Read more »

No Joy in Soy


Over the past few years, my stance on soy has been somewhat neutral as I’ve been awaiting further research. I have NEVER recommended or encouraged soy, due to the mixed and controversial information out there. Now, however, the literature is overwhelming. I decided it was time to outline what is known about soy so you can make… Read more »

Confessions of a Dietitian (Everyone Struggles)


I was thinking about all of you today. It was a really rough, stressful day for me and who knew that eating healthy is WAY more difficult when you’re stressed out!? I thought it was important to let you know that even as a dietitian who follows a real food approach, I struggle with making healthy… Read more »

State Fair Musings [2013]


Since this is my third post on the subject, you may have figured out by now that I LOVE the Minnesota State Fair. I love the people, love the shows, love the animals and LOVE the food (And drinks too :)). If you’re wondering how a dietitian manages to eat at the fair, then be… Read more »

Live Segment from the State Fair

Healthy Eating at the Minnesota State Fair!

Many go to the state fair to splurge but I still think it’s possible to eat somewhat balanced while eating fair food! I didn’t think anyone would be too excited to see me go on air talking about fresh fruit at the state fair (although there are many delicious fresh fruit options! Those Colorado peaches and… Read more »

Healthy Eating at the State Fair!

Minnesota State Fair food

I am a HUGE fan of the Minnesota State Fair. I’m the type of fair-goer who arrives early for breakfast and stays until sundown. Most years I attend five or six full days. Typically, when people learn this scratch their heads and ask me one of two questions: 1) “How do you not gain 20… Read more »

Podcast with America’s Angriest Trainer

Vinnie T

I’ve been a guest on Vinnie Tortorich’s show a couple of times where Vinnie and his lovely co-host, Anna and I share ideas and banter. You can listen to our conversations here (I come on around 12:45) and here (I come on at 5:45). Vinnie is a personal trainer to Hollywood celebrities and I love Vinnie’s approach to… Read more »

Kombucha Q & A Session


Okay, okay, I know many of you have been waiting for this post as long as you waited for my post on putting BUTTER in my COFFEE. Every time I put pictures up of this good stuff, you guys continue to ask what the HECK I’m drinking! So, this is a little Q & A… Read more »

My Foundational Nutrition Concepts in ONE Hour!


I had the honor of being on Evan Brand’s Not Just Paleo podcast and on the show I discuss many of my foundational nutrition concepts that are crucial for living a balanced life. Some of the topics include consuming healthy fats and how this impacts metabolism, cognitive function, blood sugar balance and behaviors in children,… Read more »

Coffee and… Butter?

Coffee with butter

Now that you’ve read my post entitled Confused About Coffee?, you’re aware that coffee is one of my loves. I can’t wait to fill you in on my favorite coffee add-in (although the title of this post pretty much gives it away). On the Low Carb Cruise, I was introduced to the amazingly delicious and… Read more »

5 Things Dietitian Cassie Would Never Eat

Twin Cities Live Set

The crew at Twin Cities Live asked me to determine the Top 5 things I’d NEVER eat. I revealed these foods on the air: Tip: When determining if something is a healthy eat, check out the ingredient list. Rule of thumb: The shorter the ingredient list, the better. What things would YOU never eat?

Top 10 Gas Station Eats (as seen on TV!)

Eggs and Fruit

I had a blast touring Kwik Trip today with Emily, field reporter for Twin Cities Live TV. Below are the video clip from our tour and my top 10 picks for gas station eating (that are in line with balanced PFC (Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate!). These provide you with the most energy and support your metabolism, waistline… Read more »

Hydrating and Dehydrating Foods (As seen on WCCO TV!)


It’s always important to stay hydrated, but even MORE critical in the heat of summertime. Your body is comprised of around 60% water and just about every system in the body needs it to function. And believe it or not, drinking water and sports drinks are not the ONLY ways to stay hydrated! There are in… Read more »

Confused About Coffee?


Every day, with worrisome and concerned looks, I get somber questions about coffee and caffeine. Is coffee bad for you? Do you, Dietitian Cassie, personally drink it? How much is too much? Coffee is a morning tradition for people all around the world, so it’s no wonder they get nervous when I’m approached with this… Read more »

Healthy Summer Salads! (As seen on TV!)


These are my healthy salad recipes I showed today on Twin Cities Live — delicious, better-for-you alternatives to traditional pasta, potato and cool whip salads. Bring ‘em to your next party, picnic or potluck and let me know what the crowd thinks! I included the sugar breakdown of my original recipes in comparison to the… Read more »

Obesity: Disease or Problem? Genetic Predisposition or Biochemical Reaction?

Tape measure

The American Medical Association recognizing obesity as a disease has been making big headlines and for good reason. Will defining obesity as a disease cause us to take it more seriously? Will it cause more physicians to pay closer attention to this condition? Will more insurers pay for treatment? Or will it encourage pharmaceutical companies to… Read more »

I’m eating real food and not losing weight! (Part 2)


Last month I wrote the post, “I’m eating real food and not losing weight!” where I revealed six common roadblocks to weight loss when following my PFC balanced way of eating that I outline here. The short list was nowhere near conclusive to what I see with my clients, and in this post I’ll address… Read more »

Simple Strategies for Smart Supermarket Shopping


Smart grocery shopping is key when transitioning to and maintaining a “real food” approach. The supermarket can be a stressful, agonizing experience if you don’t have strategies in place before you get there, and if you don’t have a plan of attack, you may be tempted to toss items into your cart from your past… Read more »

“Unbrainwash” Yourself.

Me Running

Educating yourself with evidence-based nutrition information and breaking free of the lies you’ve been told. Reestablishing a healthy relationship with food, and with your body. Learning what works for your body, and that what works for Jack or Jill may not be what works for you. No longer assuming that your complex body can be… Read more »

Snacking on a banana is…bad for me?

single banana

Many people have a banana as a morning snack, assuming it’s a healthy choice; hoping it will hold them over ‘til lunch once the post-breakfast rumbles set in. However, this is NOT the type of snack I would recommend to anyone who is looking to feel energetic, manage their weight or keep cravings at bay…. Read more »

Dietitian Cassie on TV: Worst and Best Value Menu Choices

Twin Cities Live (TCL)

I made another appearance on Twin Cities Live talking about the best and worst fast food choices from the value menu. If you are familiar with my approach to healthy eating, you will know that I am not an advocate for fast food… ever! “Healthy” and “Fast food” are not terms that belong in the same sentence…. Read more »

Low Carb Cruise 2013 Recap

Carnival Magic

Reflecting over the last week on the Low Carb Cruise, I don’t even know where to begin. It was filled with new friends and jam packed with information, food, adventures and some strong drinks ;) The cruise left from Galveston, Texas and visited Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan, Belize and Cozumel, Mexico. We had presentations during the… Read more »

I’m eating real food and not losing weight!


Alright, you’ve been trying this “real food” way of eating, and swear you’re following my guidelines to a tee, but you’re not losing weight… Is this you? I’ve had clients who have experienced this before. I’d like to tell you about common roadblocks I’ve seen in my practice, when people are diligently following my real food approach,… Read more »

Fruits and Vegetables for Healthy Kids

Carrots Cabbage

Fruits and vegetables are a funny thing, because it seems like kids either love them or hate them. Or maybe they love fruits, but not vegetables. Or maybe the other way around. With the recent headlines on the sugar craze in the media, we’re seeing the detrimental effects of having too much sugar and not… Read more »

WCCO Radio Interview

2013-04-12 16.12.23

WCCO Radio covered the Big Food Giants and how major food manufacturers like Pillsbury and General Mills have known of the addictive qualities of their processed foods that are contributing to the obesity epidemic for a while now, but as their sales skyrocketed, they didn’t make any changes. I give my opinion on whose responsibility it… Read more »

A Dietitian’s Top Six Tips

Six Nutrition Tips

I bet you’ve always wondered what a dietitian would say if she/he were to give you their top suggestions for living healthier. Well, whether you’ve wondered or not, I’m offering it! Here are my top six suggestions for getting on track to living a healthier lifestyle today. 1) Eliminate (or at least, reduce) processed foods: Boxed,… Read more »

Heartache for Boston


I am still in complete disbelief at what happened yesterday. As a marathon runner myself (who has yet to qualify for Boston but would have finished about the exact time the bombs went off,) I feel like my own family was attacked. I feel violated, abused and broken. To turn a national event, where we… Read more »

The Smarter Science of Slim Interview


In this episode of the Smarter Science of Slim, one of the top ranked nutrition/exercise shows on iTunes, Jonathan Bailor and I talk about calories, metabolism, common sense and how I continually work through the bogus of conventional wisdom to keep my focus as a Registered Dietitian research-based.  

The Bedtime Snack Unraveled

A Dietitian's Bedtime Snack: Pear Sautee

Despite what you may have heard, it is not only “okay,” but actually VERY IMPORTANT to eat a bedtime snack!  The common response to this is, “But I thought we weren’t supposed to eat after (insert time here)?” Let’s unravel this myth, by looking at the following three arguments: 1) Bedtime snacks provide unnecessary calories…. Read more »

TV segment: The Big FAT Lie


When the producer from the popular TV show, Twin Cities Live contacted me about doing a nutrition segment on the show, a LOT of topics came to mind. Of them all, in my opinion, the greatest health and nutrition misconceptions lie in the fact that people still believe that fat is the enemy. Despite what we’ve… Read more »

Why I Dislike Juicing


Juicing is a hot topic, as many people think it’s a healthy choice to make fresh juice. It’s tasty and delicious. Wanna know why? Because it’s all sugar. Now, before you start getting defensive and putting your argument together about how it’s healthy, because of all the nutrients and vitamins in the fruit that you’d never… Read more »

KickStart Your Day (The Healthy Way!)


Have you seen the billboards or heard the news? PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew has announced their new breakfast drink. It’s called Mountain Dew Kickstart. As if it weren’t bad enough that the main source of calories in the American diet is from soda. It’s no wonder our rate of obesity, diabetes and heart disease continue to… Read more »

Dietitian Cassie on the Low Carb Cruise

Low Carb Cruise

As the days pass, the time is nearing when I’ll be boarding the cruise ship in Galvastan, Texas for an exciting week with a bunch of my favorite people! This year, I’ll be a keynote speaker on the 2013 Low Carb Cruise, alongside some of my favorites from the nutrition realm: First, there is Robb Wolf, author of the New York… Read more »

Don’t be FOOLED!


In honor of April Fools Day, my goal was to “unfool” you by debunking common nutrition myths. Lots of light was shed on topics that many people are confused about. Your feedback was fantastic! Instead of taking the suggestion of writing a book on all this stuff (it’s in the queue), I decided to compile the… Read more »

For the love of EGGS


With a family history of high cholesterol and a total cholesterol number in the 220’s myself, one may be shocked to hear that eggs are my all time favorite source of protein. Many people even think I eat an abnormally high number of eggs, as I go through a few dozen each week! On a typical… Read more »

Real Food for Real Kids (Snack Ideas)


Now that you’ve heard you should be feeding your kids real foods, what kinds of real foods are actually “kid friendly?” I spend a lot of time putting together realistic meal plans and brainstorming snack ideas for kids to show parents and kids that they don’t need to rely on high-sugar, pre-packaged foods. A recent… Read more »

What’s in a Shamrock Shake?

Shamrock Shake Slider

I usually get a couple reactions to this question. The first is the “ignorance is bliss” mindset: “I don’t want to know. PLEASE don’t tell me.” The second is more honest: “Probably a lot of ingredients that are REALLY bad for me.” Which is, unsurprisingly, very true. Now let me get something straight: I’m not… Read more »

Real Food for Real Kids (Beyond Fruit Snacks and Chicken Nuggets)

Real Food for Real Kids

Is it strange to think that kids can eat the same foods as adults? Having spent an ample amount of time working with a pediatric population, I realize the types of foods kids are usually fed, and I also know it’s not impossible to get them to eat nourishing, real foods. Often times I get… Read more »

Sleep More to Shed Pounds


“How are you sleeping at night?” You may be surprised to hear that this is one of the first questions I ask clients at their initial appointment. But the fact of the matter is that over half of adults struggle with insomnia, and the average American gets 6 hours and 50 minutes of sleep per night,… Read more »

Back to the Basics [Nutrition 101]


Nutrition information is more accessible today than EVER before. Flashy advertisements for new diets promising magical outcomes are on billboards, in magazines, on television and all over the web. Everyone has their own solution to your health problems. In addition to the overwhelming amount of information, nutrition is an ever changing field based on the… Read more »

Honor Your Heart

Heart Health

This post is dedicated to the health of your heart in honor of February’s “Heart Month.” Heart health may be one of the most confusing areas in the nutrition realm because of the significantly conflicting approaches. For years, many doctors and dietitians have been preaching the “eat less fat, less cholesterol and more whole grains”… Read more »

5 Big FAT Changes


You may have read my post entitled The Big FAT Lie, so now you know the importance of eating fat for weight loss, blood sugar stability, disease prevention, mental focus and overall health. This post is intended to give you some practical, simple ways to start incorporating healthy fats into your day to day meals and… Read more »

The Big FAT Lie

Big Fat Lie

Is fat making me fat?  Ever since the late 1970s, we’ve been obsessed with low fat foods. The media is still supporting this message through its marketing of “low-fat,” “lite,” “fat-free,” and the one I love to hate the most, “skinny” products. We are still being taught that skimping on fat will help with weight… Read more »

Break Your Fast (adults and kids!)

2012-07-10 06.39.19

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s a common phrase we’ve all heard, and for good reason. The word “breakfast” breaks down into two words: “Break” and “Fast,” because breakfast is the meal that *breaks* your overnight *fast.* After sleeping for hours, it’s important to “jump start” your metabolism first thing in… Read more »

Where to Start? (2013 Edition)


This is the question I get from many of you who long to make healthy changes to your lifestyles, and just aren’t sure where to begin. It can be overwhelming to decide where to start, so let me help you by offering a few (and by “a few,” I mean six) starting points for you… Read more »

Balanced Smoothie

Breakfast Smoothie

You probably already know that eggs are my “gold standard” for breakfast. That being said, I get asked several times on a daily basis for an alternative to eggs. (The reasons are endless: egg aversions, allergies, egg burnout, lack of time, etc.) My first suggestion, of course, is to try to make eggs work because… Read more »

5 Tips for Keeping Your 2013 Resolutions

New Year's

Making our resolutions are certainly easier than keeping them. The hype and enthusiasm for becoming healthier always seems to die out after the first month or two of the new year. Don’t let that happen to you this year. These five suggestions will help you set goals that are actually achievable. 1) Conjure up a… Read more »

5 Common “Dieting” Mistakes

nutrition label

The other day, one of my Twitter followers asked me, “What is the #1 nutrition mistake you see people making?” I answered with the first thing that came to my mind, but the question has lingered ever since! It got me thinking of several common traps people fall into on their journey to health and… Read more »

The Truth on Truvia

The Truth on Truvia

Are Truvia and Stevia the same thing? Thanks to a false-advertising job well-done, many health conscious consumers have been tricked into believing that Truvia is the same thing as Stevia. The (disappointing) truth is that, despite the fact that Truvia is marketed as a “stevia-based sugar substitute,” it is NOT equivalent to Stevia. Not even close, actually…. Read more »

Gut WHAT? [Gut Health 101]


Think of all the years you’ve been living on this planet. Now think of all the times you’ve eaten foods saturated with sugar, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, preservatives and pesticides. Think of the courses of antibiotics you were put on to kill the unhealthy bacteria in your system and think of all the chemicals, toxins… Read more »

Dietitian Cassie: Low-Carb Conversations Co-Host

Low Carb Conversations with JM

I am proud to be a co-host on “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” a podcast radio show airing on Fridays! This show has been one of my favorite health shows for a long time now because of the energy, insight and honesty Jimmy and his friends always bring!  As some of the reviews on iTunes… Read more »

Dietitian Cassie as a Cover Model


I have some exciting news to share! I am one of eight finalists to be the cover of Women’s Running magazine. Read my full profile and cast your vote here: (ps—my aunt just discovered that you can vote once PER day through August 15th!!) You can read more about my journey as a runner in… Read more »

Life lessons from #RunningDay2012


Life doesn’t always go as planned. Neither do my runs. My favorite time to run is first thing in the morning. I love starting my day off on the right foot (or, both, actually). But lately instead of running in the dark or in the early morning, I’ve been getting into work earlier so I… Read more »

Egg Bake Recipe

Egg Bake #1

As you may already know, I eat eggs for breakfast nearly every day. It does take time to make eggs in the morning—not a lot of time, but we all know how some mornings can be very rushed. Because of this, I like to always have a back-up. I try to make it a priority… Read more »

Transitioning from Life as a Semi-Vegetarian


With vegetarianism steadily becoming mainstream and embraced by many, chances are you’ve met a vegetarian, read something about it or at least wondered what the hype is all about. According to the Vegetarian Resource Group, the number of people following a vegetarian diet is 6-8 million, up from 0.5-2 million in 1994. My friends, family, Facebook… Read more »

What Dietitian Cassie Eats

What Dietitian Cassie Eats

I get so many questions from all of you asking what I personally eat for meals and snacks, along with which brands I choose. As you may have noticed, I’m not ashamed to share my eating habits and strategies with you! The “What Cassie Eats” blog series is dedicated to sharing my personal nutrition and… Read more »

Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes

Tonight I had the desire to make pancakes (yes, pancakes for dinner!) — but don’t be fooled by the picture! These are not your traditional, carb-heavy pancakes. This is a recipe that I invented in my kitchen tonight, and it’s one that will certainly be used again! My favorite thing about these pancakes is that the… Read more »

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! For a lot of us, this holiday has become yet another excuse to gorge on foods that are high in carbohydrates and trans fats such as nachos, cheese dips and margaritas. Well, as usual, Dietitian Cassie has a way to make this special day more nutritious! The answer: Guacamole! Healthy guacamole… Read more »

Blackout May #tvjunkfoodblackout

The month of May. No processed foods. No television. Are you in? Rules if you accept this challenge. No TV. Blackout-May. Nothing to eat that was not on a tree, from the ground or free range (meats/fish) — BT (@BT) April 20, 2012 This challenge was presented by @BT on Twitter. I am now offering… Read more »

Eat Green and Clean for Earth Day

earth day

Celebrate Earth Day by eating cleaner, greener, plant-based foods and incorporating strategies that are better for our environment. Here are five easy ways to be greener: 1) Eat greener and cleaner. Focus on increasing your consumption of green foods, such as leafy greens, fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. 2) Eat local. Grow your own… Read more »

Animal Crackers

animal crackers

It’s National Animal Crackers Day. The Animal Cracker: A well-known kid-friendly snack that makes both kids and adults smile, presented in the shape of friendly circus animals in fun, colorful, strategically marketed packaging.  I used to be a fan of these critters, too. I don’t mean to rain on their parade by bashing them on their very… Read more »

Easter: Nutrition to keep the focus on the Reason

Another holiday approaching means likely temptation with candy dishes, baskets and heavy meals. Here are my quick tips for minimizing nutrition stress this Easter season and maximizing the purpose of the holiday: Fill baskets with fun stuff. Easter is the second largest candy-giving holiday, next to Halloween. Go against the grain and fill the kids’… Read more »

Skip the Splenda (and all other chemical sweeteners)


This post is an elaboration and clarification of where I stand on the use of artificial sweeteners (also called sugar substitutes), “light” and “fat-free” foods. In my opinion, the greatest health misconceptions revolve around products that use these terms and these chemicals. Food manufacturers are telling us low-calorie and low-fat is good, while current research… Read more »

Eat Green for St. Patty’s Day


Celebrate Saint Patrick’s day with green foods full of nutrients and antioxidants! Here are five foods and one superfood formula that will make you feel GREAT and their color will even make you feel IRISH! (Hint: None of them combine the words Shake or Shamrock…unless made with real food :)) Avocados: Technically a fruit, avocados… Read more »

What’s an RD?

And how could one of those benefit me? Registered Dietitians are food and nutrition experts, nationally known to be credible for providing nutrition information. It’s a long road to obtain the Registered Dietitian (R.D.) credential. To become an RD one must: Complete a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition or Dietetics. Complete an American Dietetics Association (ADA)-approved… Read more »

Fast Food Choices and Healthy Eating for Kids [on-the-run]

Fast Food is Still Fast Food

Fast food choices for children have been at the center of the latest nutritional news.  This week, McDonald’s implemented a new effort in improving the nutritional content of Happy Meals by including apple slices and a smaller kid-sized portion of french fries. It’s wonderful that McDonald’s is increasing their commitment to consumers by taking steps… Read more »

Back to the Basics for National Nutrition Month

Healthy eating and good nutrition is important all year long, but March is “National Nutrition Month,” where we are reminded of and celebrate the importance of healthy eating. Good nutrition contributes to your overall health and can help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk for chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and… Read more »

The Salt Misconception (and how to cut back)

Nearly two-thirds of Americans wrongly believe that sea salt is a low-sodium alternative to table salt. While we’re on the topic of debunking this myth, let’s talk about ways to cut back this salt in our diet. This is important because excessive dietary sodium increases a person’s risk for high blood pressure (which, according to… Read more »

Celebrate Heart Month

February is “American Heart Month” not only because of the romantic aura that spreads beyond February 14th, but also to raise awareness of the organ that beats for your life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Heart disease is a vital topic to discuss as it’s the leading cause of death in America…. Read more »

New Years 2012: Making Resolutions that Last

We’ve all seen the intense, passionate gung-ho mentality that magically comes with the new year. Plans for getting serious about losing that fifteen pounds or acquiring that new gym membership because “this time” you’re going to get serious about prioritizing your life goals. At the gym we call it “New Years Resolutioners” —but as annoying… Read more »

Surviving the Holidays


We all find ourselves struggling to stay on track nutritionally at one point or another during these holiday months. It’s normal to have a meal, a day, a week or even a few months where you fall into an unhealthy rut.  For many, this seems to happen during the holiday season. Exercise is even more difficult—… Read more »

Halloween Nutrition [Haunted or Healthy]

It’s that time of year again: Dieters have anxiety from being surrounded by temptation at every angle—the overly-advertised candy sales at every store near you, the “fun-sized” pieces of candy begging to be eaten from the free-for-all dish at the adjacent cubicle, and the soon-to-be overflowing pillowcases of candy collected by the kids.  Parents are… Read more »

My First Marathon [10-02-11]


I’ve always heard that running a marathon is an experience that cannot be put into words. And here I am trying to gather all of my emotions, thoughts and reflections and translate them into something tangible, actual and real—words that will mean something to someone. Over the past few days, whenever someone asked about the… Read more »

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